Boarding in the House: House Council Holds Bakesale, Sponsors Events

On Monday, Sept. 26, House Council held a bake sale for students. The bake sale, which is held only once a year, made nearly $800. A somewhat disappointing outcome for the council.

“It wasn’t the best day because there was competition from Club Fair where a lot of people go for free food,” House Council President Michelle said. “But we still made a decent amount.” The money raised benefits events during International Week such as the International Mixer, fashion show and dessert tasting.

Foods offered at the bake sale were both from American and international origin. Everyone on the House Council and Program Council (a subdivision of the House Council that plans weekend activities for boarders) as well as all boarders were asked to contribute food for the bake sale.

The most popular bake sale items were milk boba tea and dumplings, which were both student-made (with help from advisors).

“[The dumplings] were sold out in five minutes,” Michelle said.

Other foods sold were Pocky, donuts, cake balls, chocolate-covered marshmallow pops, red-velvet cupcakes, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and ChocoPie cakes.

“We had a lot of fun making and buying the food,” Michelle said.

House Council helps coordinate activities in boarding and attempts to create a friendly community where everyone can feel welcome. To achieve that, they plan house council picnics, decide on the boarding theme for the year (this year’s theme is “Superheroes”) and make sure that everything in boarding is running smoothly.

There are 15 girls on the council, and two more freshmen representatives are currently in the process of being elected.

This year, the goals of House Council include making boarding more “green” and helping the boarders to get to know boarders from other grades, as opposed to boarders only on their own halls (which are divided by grade).

Illustrating the importance of the council, Michelle said, “Everyone in house council is representing the voice of somebody from boarding.”

– Tiffany