The Boarder Line: Hall Wars


Each year, House Council plans a special event in which the halls compete against one another. Last year, it was the “Amazing Race.” This year, on Thursday, March 30, House Council hosted “Hall Wars,” in which each hall competed in games to win points, in the field next to Linda P. Custard Upper School and Middle School Hall. The games ranged from an egg balance race to tug of war to a balloon toss with launchers. At the end of the games, each person in the hall that had the most points got to choose their prize: either a gift card to a food spot or an outing to a food spot with the entire hall.

House Council President Maria Sailale said, “‘Hall Wars’ is something we did to establish some camaraderie between the halls and have healthy competition.’” This year, Upper Trent, who finished in first place, celebrated with cookie cake.

Maria Harrison – Asst. Features Editor