Hockaday Crew’s Varsity Quad Wins State Championship


After opening new blisters and enduring weeks of intense erg pieces and windy days at the murky Bachman, Hockaday Crew’s Varsity Quad won the Women’s Junior Varsity Quad event at the Texas Rowing Championships on Saturday, April 22.

In order to qualify for finals, the boat, which consists of sophomore Elaine Williams, senior Teal Cohen, junior Cheryl Hao and sophomore Felicity Diamond, had to be at least the third fastest boat in the race. In Hockaday Crew’s Varsity Quad’s race, against Founders, ESD, Parati, Austin Rowing Club and Ursuline, all tough competition, they finished third.

“In the heat, we barely qualified for finals, and we were all pretty upset. At that point, we were maybe shooting for bronze.” said Teal Cohen, two-seat for the varsity quad. “It did not seem feasible at the time.”

The teams competing in the Women’s Junior Varsity Quad final were Founders, ESD, Parati, White Rock and Texas Rowing Club. In the first 500 meters, Hockaday started around fifth place.

“From the start of the race, they were never in first, and probably came off the line in fifth. At the halfway point they were still in fifth. They then overhauled and took a slight lead against [the leading boat,] Founders. With 150 meters to go, Founders pushed hard on them, and I saw our crew withstand the push and win it.” Hockaday Crew Coach Tim McAllister said.

“They had some really strong competition so it was a great win.” said sophomore Parker Waters, a Hockaday rower and spectator of the event.

For the past years, the winner of the event has been Founders, ESD and Austin Rowing Club. Hockaday had not won the Women’s Junior Varsity Quad event since 1996, 21 years ago.

The other Hockaday Varsity Crew boats placed well at the regatta also, with two boats in 2nd, the Junior Varsity Quad, and the Varsity Single, and one boat in third, the Junior Varsity Double.

“It was one of the more epic performances I’ve witnessed of a crew who I’ve coached. It’s an amazing thing to see, when your crew can join battle, and come out ahead with an open water win.” said McAllister.

Paige Halverson – Castoff Editor