Eighth Grader Brings Awareness to Water Conservation through Art


The Dallas Water Conservation initiative, Save Dallas Water, offers a yearly contest to all City of Dallas students to submit an original piece supporting water conservation. Hockaday 8th grader Angelina Wu won the middle school grand prize with a drawing she created in her art studio, the Dallas Art Studio.

Save Dallas Water is an organization devoted to conserving water through bringing awareness and creating long term plans.

Wu found out about the competition from her art teacher at Dallas Art Studio. Wu said “the overbearing theme for the contest was saving dallas water.” Her design was created for a t-shirt to raise awareness for conserving water.

Wu’s design reads “Water is Awesome, Don’t Waste It,” and portrays a shower head, symbolizing the water humans use, taking water from a fish which cannot breathe. An hourglass in the corner represents the necessity to rapidly solve the problem of wasting water.

Wu started art at a very young age, and plans to continue pursuing this hobby with the inspiration of her friends and teachers. She has entered other art competitions including one for a drawing of a state fish.

You find out more about Save Dallas Water and the competition here.

Morgan Fisher – Business Manager