Seniors Head to Allaso Ranch


Following back-to-school activities on campus and solar eclipse viewing on Graduation Terrace, the Class of 2018 loaded up and drove to Allaso Ranch to attend the Senior Retreat from Aug. 21 to Aug. 23.

This year’s retreat marked the first time that the senior class spent over two days at the retreat, which allowed for more free time to bond as a class.

“I think after the bonfire an extra night gave us a chance to bond with each other,” Form IV president Rory Finn said. “The bonfire was normally that night and then you were on the bus the next morning, so [the extra night] gave us a chance to reconnect with others.”

The typical schedule of the retreat, according to Finn, consisted of deciding committee chairs like Halloween, Prom Committee and Splash Day chairs and then the Campfire that night. With the addition of the extra day, the schedule allowed for more time to bond as a grade whether in a cabin or poolside.

Form IV Dean Rebekah Calhoun planned the entire retreat with the Form IV executive council. According to Calhoun, her favorite part of the Allaso is the bonds that she sees the class form or in some cases reform.

“I loved just hanging out, chilling at the pool, talking to people. I loved the campfire, thought that was awesome, and loved the affirmation and appreciation that the class showed each other,” Calhoun said.

One difference with this retreat compared to those in past was the delivery of the senior shirts. According to Calhoun, this year marked the first time that she could remember that the shirts were ready for the retreat. After receiving the shirts, “Dancing Queen” and “Mamma Mia” by Abba echoed through the cabin as the Seniors participated in one of their first dance parties.

“I thought we did a great job through the processes we had to go through with the election of the committees,” Finn said. “The bonfire was such a great bonding opportunity and I got to hear so many people’s stories and I really felt that our class came together and bonded through that experience.”

Story by Katie O’Meara – News Editor

Photos by Michelle Mankoff