Freshmen: New Voices in Student Council

Form I students find passion in voicing the opinions of their class

After returning from a memorable bonding experience at Mo Ranch, Form I students came together again to elect their 16 student council leaders. Candidates prepared speeches, demonstrated their leadership capabilities to their peers and promised to make freshman year a success.

Though new to the Upper School, the recently elected class officials have prepared to take on the leadership responsibilities of their positions. In Middle School, Ariella, Form I convocations board representative, was Student Council representative for  her advisory but never held a position on the Student Council executive board.

Ariella is eager to take on more responsibilities and “try out a leadership role.”

Anne-Marie, Form I Academic Council representative looks forward to making changes in the Upper School that will affect all of her peers.

“The Academic council chooses the summer reading book, which is something I’m pretty excited about,” said Anne-Marie.

Head Form I sponsor Brandi Finazzo said that the “number [of candidates] varied depending on the position” but “there were no unopposed candidates.”

The large amount of interest and participation from students in this recent round of elections reflects the girls’ philosophies on the importance of student government.

For Anne-Marie and Ariella, student council is not about experience or positions held in Middle School. Instead, it is about students “not only [having] a voice, but also [making] much more informed decisions,” said Anne-Marie.

As the newly elected officials prepare to lead their peers through freshman year, they keep in mind their goals and the purpose for their positions. Ariella believes that the importance of student government lies in giving “students the opportunity to have a voice in their own education.” She hopes to “represent the ideas of my class well.”

– Ansley