Keeping Up With Koreatown


PICTURED ABOVE: Coffee Rolled Ice Cream from ICE NY.  Photo by Aurelia Han. 

Nestled in the intersection of Carrollton’s Old Denton Road and President Bush Turnpike lies a bustling Koreatown. Korean supermarket H Mart draws in a large portion of the crowds, but in the last few years, the area has expanded to include countless restaurants and shops. Here’s the Fourcast’s guide on what to eat, shop and see in Koreatown.

What to eat (savory):

  1. Korean BBQ (cook it at your table!) at Omi Korean Grill & Bar, 2625 Old Denton Road
  2. Korean style fried chicken at Gang Jung Chicken Cafe, 2680 Old Denton Road
  3. K-Town burger (kimchi, jalapenos and teriyaki glaze) at LA Burger, 1017 E. Trinity Mills Road
  4. Beef bulgogi rice at Kimchi Stylish Korean Kitchen, 2625 Old Denton Road

What to eat (sweet):

  1. Rolled ice cream at ICE NY, 2625 Old Denton Road
  2. Strawberry banana crepe at T-swirl Crepe, 2540 Old Denton Road
  3. Strawberry mango bingsu (a fluffy shaved ice) at Snowy Village, 2540 Old Denton Road
  4. Soft serve with a churro loop at Churro Alley, 2540 Olde Denton Road
  5. Frozen cotton candy at Snow Factory, 2701 Old Denton Road

What to shop

  1. Skincare and haircare at Tony Moly, 2625 Old Denton Road
  2. Groceries at H Mart, 2625 Old Denton Road

Aurelia Han – Editor-in-Chief