“Donut” Worry, Be Happy


Metzger Plaza was a little rowdier than usual this morning as faculty and staff handed out donut holes in a cheering line for students to walk through.

Pitched by Director of Service Learning, Laura Day, the event was designed to alleviate end of quarter stress.

“I knew girls were having a hard time, and all the teachers were so excited to do this for their students,” Day said.

Senior Aryn Thomas was a bit confused as she made her way to her locker to find teachers screaming her name, but she ended up loving the experience.

“I was so happy and appreciative that they took the time out of their day to do that for us,” Thomas said.

Junior Trinity Naile agreed with this sentiment wholeheartedly; although the majority of her tests and quizzes ended on Thursday, she still needed this show of support to finish the quarter strong.

“I heard the teachers who I’m friends with say ‘good job!’ and ‘I love you, Trinity’ and that was really encouraging,” Naile said.

Story by Shreya Gunukula