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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

The Fourcast

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Conversations about conservation
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December 15, 2023

Border Line: Combatting Homesickness


PICTURED ABOVE: Freshman Elaine Wang cooks instant noodles in the Schmitz Residence Hall, Photo by Emily Wu.

From a Boarding “Big Sister”

Senior Tiffany Bai poses in front of the Schmitz Resident Halls for a picture, Photo by Emily Wu

After years as a boarder, senior Tiffany Bai is considered one of the “big sister” figures in boarding. Since she first came to the United States from Beijing, China as a freshman, Bai’s experiences in the residence department have been an essential part of her Hockaday life.

What do you want to say to the new boarding students?

Spending time wisely is very important. Finishing school work is essential, but socializing and hanging out with friends are also not neglectable. Make friends with people around you because you will nd yourself depending on others in the future. Also, Freshman 15 is real. In addition, rules are rules be- cause they are reasonable and helpful, not because people want to restrict you. For instance, mandatory study halls prevent me from procrastinating for the entire evening and actually make me able to get things done.

How do boarders usually go to places of worship?

Ms. Angie usually organizes services every Sunday. Normally, the trips to churches are organized according to the type of churches or the specific religion one believes in.

What will you miss most about Hockaday boarding?

The nice dormitory environment will de nitely be one. I will also miss the convenient transportation provided by Hockaday a lot because it’s fast and fun when we get to go to certain places in a group. In addition, the dorm moms are very kind and friendly. Being with them makes me feel safe and even feel like a child again.

If you can change one thing in your four year boarding life, what will it be?

I wish I could have spent more time getting to know more people. Or, I wish I could have used the procrastinated time in something more meaningful that wasn’t necessarily just studying.

Senior Jaki Wang (left), Senior Morenike Oni (middle) and Senior Joann Kim (right) pose for a picture at the Texas State Fair.

The Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair, one of the most representative local events of Dallas culture, also attracts internationalattention. The Hockaday boarding department organized a special trip to the Fair in order to provide the boarders with the opportunity of exploring local interests. To read more about the Fair, go to Faces + Places.

Instant Noodles Provide Instant Relief

For Chinese boarder and freshman Elaine Wang, living in a completely different environment meant facing dramatic changes. She experienced new kinds of stress, an unfamiliar culture and different lifestyles that were indeed challenging for Wang. One of the biggest changes was the food as the American diet often made her feel homesick. In order to help relieve the homesickness, Wang’s mother crammed her luggage with instant noodles. “Eating familiar food helps,” Wang said. “When I’m frustrated or homesick, ramen noodles remind me of what home feels like.”

Story by Emily Wu, Asst. Business Manager

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