Dear Underclassmen


PICTURED ABOVE: Seniors pose with their freshmen little sisters after getting dinner on a Friday night. Photo by Aurelia Han.

Dear underclassmen,

From the Class of 2018, we want to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for supporting us, for surprising us, and for sending your love our way. We don’t tell you guys enough, but we are the luckiest girls in the world to share our last year of high school with the coolest people in town. You are our classmates, lab partners, teammates, roommates, friends and sisters, and we will miss every one of you so very much next year. But don’t cue the waterworks yet because we’ve still got a few months together, so in the meantime, I believe some thank you’s are long overdue.

To the juniors, many of you guys are like our best friends, so thank you for friendship and for memories of a lifetime. I know you guys are smack dab in the middle of a stressful year, but we are here for you. It may seem like there are a thousand and one things to do sometimes and so little time, but take everything step by step, day by day, and the most import thing: breathe. It’s the final stretch with the JRP; you can do it. Be confident in your research, your writing, and yourself. You guys have worked so incredibly hard, and we cannot wait to read about all the amazing things you have discovered. It’s such an exciting year, enjoy every moment.

To the sophomores, there are no words to describe how grateful we are on your thoughtfulness and kindness. Your grade went above and beyond with the stress balls and sweet notes. Little acts of kindness like that are the greatest ones. It lifted our spirits and added a smile to each of our faces. You guys have an infectious positive and joyful spirit that inspires the entire Upper School. Thank you for that.

To the freshmen and our little sisters, it’s been an absolute  gift to be able to get know your class. Thank you for the encouraging posters and always bringing a liveliness to the halls. We cannot wait to come back in future years and see all the incredible things you will take on. When we are old and wrinkly college students, don’t forget about us! Thank you for being you.

Underclassmen, I know we don’t always show it or say it, but we love you endlessly. Thank you one thousand times.

<3, the Class of 2018

Aurelia Han – Editor-in-Chief