IDEA Lab Hosts Design Challenge for Nov. 30


PICTURED ABOVE: Sophomore Hope Fu brainstorms ideas to answer a “How Might We” question. Pictures provided by Lin Lin Lee.

“How might we?” is a question that is being asked more and more in the Hockaday community. Human Centered Design, a creative approach to problem solving, was introduced to the sophomore class at their form retreat this past August.

Since then, events like the Idea Festival have utilized the “how might we?” mindset to solve current local problems. At the Idea Festival, which was held on Oct. 28, Katie Krummeck, the director at the Maker Education Project at SMU Lyle School of Engineering, led human-centered-design sessions about the food desert in Dallas.

Inspired by this event, the IDEA Lab will host a design challenge where students can prototype ideas for the TR Hoover Community Center garden. At the challenge, students will learn about the design process and the food desert issue. Then, everyone will split into small teams and brainstorm solutions. After the event itself, teams will receive feedback about their prototype from members of the TR Hoover Community, and from there can develop their solutions.

Senior Lin Lin Lee, who is a part of the IDEA Lab Leadership Team, said that “the design challenge will be to use a ‘How Might We’ question to brainstorm and prototype these ideas.” 

This opportunity to educate students about current issues in the Dallas community will take place on Nov. 30 during conference and lunch. On top of the innovative way students can learn to benefit the community, there will be lunch provided.

Dean of Upper School Joni Palmer attended the Idea Lab Festival in Oct. 28 and shared her afterthoughts with the Upper School students in an email on Nov. 4.

“If we begin to see issues and problems as a starting place for making things better – HOW MIGHT WE… – we can all contribute to addressing issues and bettering the communities that we are a part of,” Palmer said. 

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Eliana Goodman – Staff Writer