First Aid Pack for Hell Week: Tips for Keeping Your Life Straight


Hey there. I know you are pretty stressed out at this moment. Tomorrow’s math test is not going to let you pass easily, not to mention that the English paper still needs to be edited. I understand it all, and I’ve been through the same experience. Stress feels awful, but besides getting anxious and struggling over the last week, there are a few things you might want to consider doing to make this final week before holiday break more comfortable.

Eat. It’s simple. Eating makes us feel better.

Who doesn’t like freshly baked chocolate brownies with half-molten chocolate chips, or crunchy BBQ flavored potato chips? Everybody loves food, and enjoying these things helps us to push out the negative emotions, like stress. The JRP and three major tests might by unbearable by itself, but ice-cream can be a good motivator to help you get over the pain.

Stress eating guilt is real, but what about keeping hydrated?

For those of us who feel some guilt after eating so many carbs, there is an alternative: drinking healthy amounts of caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea, is also a good way to destress. For many coffee or tea lovers, nothing is more satisfying than starting a busy day with a freshly brewed cup of good coffee. And for those of you who don’t enjoy coffee and tea, carrying a water bottle filled with a favorite drink is still an enjoyable way to get through the stress.

Can’t stop procrastinating?

We all know the power of procrastination, and we all understand how difficult it is to overcome this bad habit. Many of us spend a lot of time seeking ways to stop procrastinating, but instead of stopping it, we can try a new way to get around it. Use small chunks of time to review the test material: during your shower or lunch, quickly review and memorize the vocabulary words for the upcoming quiz. Avoid procrastinating and trick your brain into a willing-to-get -these-asks-done mood.

Can’t fall asleep?

When being stressed out, some of us might encounter sleep issues.  Trouble falling asleep is a really annoying issue, not to mention that lack of sleep can lead to more serious consequences. But there are some things we can do about it: meditating, listening to relaxing music, taking a warm bath, or drinking a warm decaffeinated cup of tea before going to bed, can help reduce the stress and fall asleep.

Story by Emily Wu, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Pixabay