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Stormi Racks Up a Storm

On Feb. 4, Kylie Jenner had the nation in shock as she revealed to the public that she was now the proud mother of a bustling baby girl. Jenner broke the news with an Instagram picture explaining the reason for her absence on social media and from the public eye. Two days later, she posted a picture of her daughter, which has now claimed the title as the most-liked picture on Instagram. Twenty-year old Jenner was able to keep her pregnancy secret for nine months, claiming that it was to help her prepare her for her new role as a mother. Stormithe chosen name for the new addition to the family–will take her father, Travis Scott’s, legal last name, Webster.

Winfrey Not For The Win

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey crushed the spirits of her fans when she officially announced—for the second time—that she would not be running for President in the 2020 election. The idea originally surfaced after she addressed the #MeToo movement in a moving speech which she delivered at the Golden Globes on Jan. 7. It didn’t take long for rumors to circulate of her running as a possible celebrity counter to President Donald Trump. However, despite the overwhelming amount of support that she received from fans, she released official statements declining the prospect in resulting interviews.

Julie Bowden and Husband Split

After tying the knot over 13 years ago, Julie Bowden and husband Scott Phillips have called quits on their marriage, official- ly separating as of Dec. 17, 2017. Bowden supposedly filed for divorce on the claim of “irreconcilable differences” and is now asking for joint legal and physical custody of their three children. Additionally, the actress has requested that the court terminate Phillip’s spousal support. The couple’s spit was not entirely unanticipated, though, as notable problems had arisen between the two in the last year.

Charlotte Dross, Asst. A+L Editor