Winter Formal at Gatsby’s


On Feb. 24, Executive Student Council members, as well as Winter Formal Chairs Seniors Cheryl Hao and Lauren Puplampu, hosted the Upper School at 2616 Commerce Event Center for an unforgettable “Winfo at Gatsby’s.” Decorated like an East Egg mansion, this 1920s themed dance did not disappoint, with an extensive dessert bar, casino room, dance floor, photo booth and hot chocolate bar that all looked as though it came straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s imagination. In theme with the glamour of the roaring twenties, students dressed in their most festive dresses. Some stayed with the fashion of the time and wore flapper dresses, others came in with floral dresses to look like Daisy Buchanan. From the freshman dinner at 7:00 p.m. to the 11:30 p.m. ending, this party killed nobody.


  1. Sophomores Kate Woodhouse and Gina Miele smile at the camera on the rooftop of the 2616 Commerce Event Center.
  2. Seniors Rory Finn and Maria Harrison act silly for the camera on the dance floor.
  3. Seniors Shreya Gunukula, Aurelia Han and Radhika Singh laugh with their Gatsby-inspired beads by the entrance of the dance.
  4. Senior Radhika Singh and Student Council Executives Anden Saurez, Shreya Gunukula and Aurelia Han pose with Upper School Faculty members Jessica Chu and Joni Palmer.
  5. Hockaday Seniors Allison Daniels, Isabelle Haemisegger and Harper Lay dance in the senior lounge with St. Marks Senior Harris Wilson.
  6. Seniors Abby Bush, Lizzie Benedict and Morgan Fisher strike a pose in the downstairs of the venue.
  7. Freshmen enjoy the complimentary Hot Chocolate on the steps at the top of the venue.

Story by Emily Fuller, A+L Editor

Photos by Michelle Mankoff