Defining the Undefined: AP Studio Art Students Present their Work


PICTURED ABOVE: 1. “Chaotic Alley” by Hallet Thalheimer. 2. “Cover-up” by Sunita Hu. 3. “Monachopsis” by Elli Lee. 4.”Self-Portrait” by Emily Baschab. 4. “Self-Portrait” by Lily Loose. 5 ” by Emily Baschab.

How do you define the undefined?

The AP Studio Art students provided us with a satisfying answer at their presentation on Tuesday, March 20. Each introducing their individual artwork, the six students each presented their ideas about social events, personal identity and personal interests.

The (un)define poster promotes the AP Studio Art show.

By joining the AP Studio Art program, students are able to focus on a unique message they wish to deliver and to choose their own individualized way of conveying their message.

“I really like exploring texture, and I love art that people can feel and touch without damaging. I love going crazy about colors and being abstract,” Junior Hallet Thalheimer said. Thalheimer is enrolled in the AP Studio Art program along with five other seniors.

“Putting the concepts that I had in my mind into reality was a really meaningful and interesting process. It made me and the people seeing them have fun and smile. The artworks allow people to interact with them and to have fun, and that is the best thing about art,” Thalheimer said.

Along with the variety of artworks, AP Studio Art students also managed to express diversity using the ideas they wish to convey.

“You can describe something by saying it out loud, and you can also cover it with paints and lines. Art can be powerful. No matter what language you speak, art is a universal language that speaks to all,” Senior Amanda Jin said.

Inspired by a Chinese zodiac animal, Jin created series of paintings which combined modern arts with traditional Chinese culture.

The exhibition of the AP Studio Art students’ artworks is currently being held at the Ann Bower Gallery. The exhibition began on March 20 and will end on April 9.

Story by Emily Wu, Staff Writer