Im(Pressed) by These Paninis



It’s easy to get overwhelemed in the hot line, but The Fourcast encourages you to never forget the salad bar. So hop on over to Sage’s salad bar and, amongst the frivolous leaves, you will find the key ingredients for an amazing panini. Here is our panini guide that will satisfy the veggie lovers, meat eaters and sweet tooths.

Grilled Cheese

Ingredients: Two slices of white bread, two slices of provolone cheese and two slices of American cheese

Special Tip: Add in the lettuce after you take the sandwich to the panini press to keep its crisp texture.


Ham or Turkey Panini

Ingredients: Two slices of white bread, two to three slices of ham or turkey, slice of American cheese, Pimento cheese spread, tomatoes and onions.

Special Tip: Don’t be afraid to pack on the condiments. The bigger the sandwich, the better.


Sunbutter & Jelly Panini

Ingredients: Two slices of white bread, sunflower butter and berry jelly

Special Tip: Don’t just settle with your classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The crisp bread from the panini press elevates your favorite childhood classic sandwich.


Dessert Panini

Ingredients: Two slices of white bread and SAGE dessert of the day (we used frosted brownies).

Special Tip: Make a pit stop in the main section of the cafeteria to pick up SAGE Dining’s dessert of the day. Stick it between two slices of bread, panini press the sandwich and there you go. A dessert panini!

Story and photos by Aurelia Han and Cheryl Hao