Form II Stirs Up Change At Retreat


On Aug. 22, Form II students gathered in the idea lab for a retreat that lasted two days. On Wednesday, the sophomore class conducted a poverty simulation, in which each person was given a folder containing a real person’s identity. From there, they were instructed to live through that role. The idea of the simulation was to experience life in poverty.

Jordan Innerarity, the new Form II dean, helped plan this activity.

“We obviously didn’t walk through those peoples shoes, but we have a better understanding of how those shoes might fit,” Innerarity said.

Throughout the simulation, the girls ran around frantically trying to manage different tasks, such as managing money, getting a job and feeding their family. Form II student Kemper Lowry reflects what she learned from the simulation.

“It gives you a whole new perspective on life, giv[ing] you gratitude for the things you have,” Lowry said.

The next day, Form II gathered in the Hicks Meeting Room for a Changemaker Day led by Amit Dodani, founder of My Name My Story, that was centered around the phrase “empathy drives change.” He began with simple icebreakers and ended the day with inspired students.

Encouraging form II to be comfortable with uncomfort, Dodani asked the girls to share difficult moments and stir up conversation about problems in our community. He concluded his presentation with an uplifting speech that encouraged the students to go out into the world and make a difference.

Innerarity feels that it is important for the grade to continue this discussion in the future, as empathy will continue to be the overarching theme for future form meetings.

Story by Kate Clark, Staff Writer

Photos by: Candace Townsley, Ava Berger, Kelsey Chen, Erin Parolisi and Kate Clark.