Seniors Kick Off the Year at Allaso Ranch


On Aug. 20, 119 Hockaday seniors loaded up on three charter buses and traveled to Allaso Ranch in  Hawkins, Texas for the annual Senior Retreat. Lasting from Aug. 20 to Aug. 22, the retreat is a pivotal time of bonding for the senior class as their time in high school winds down to an end.

Over the course of these three days, many executive decisions were made about the months to follow. For instance, committee chairs for Prom, Halloween, Splash Day, Form Day and the Commons were all elected.

Aside from electing representatives, the majority of the retreat was reserved for down time, whether that be going on a nature walk, taking a dip in the pool or gathering around the bonfire.

Senior Courtney Katz enjoyed the many opportunities that allowed her to bond with her grade at Allaso Ranch. On the final night of the retreat, she and a few other girls from her cabin decided to compile a video of each cabin “shooting”—a popular dance that recently hit the Internet. That night, Katz visited each cabin and was able to convince them to dance, later combining all the videos to form one, grade-wide video.

“I thought the senior treat was a great way to start the school year by coming together as a class,” Katz said. “It was so fun to see everyone after summer and get to relax before the school year and workload picked up

Tracy Walder, a senior advisor, additionally noted the way that the class was able to connect as a whole.

It seemed like [the seniors] all came together as a grade and supported each other,” Walder said. “In talking to some [seniors’ one-on-one, it sounded like many experienced personal group as well.”


1. Students Kate Bramlett and Audrey Martin are the last two students standing in a grade-wide game of rock-paper-scissors and battle for the title of victor. Picture

2. Form IV advisors participate in a game of Ninja.

3. The Class of 2019 poses with their new bucket hats on the final night of the retreat.

4. Students take an indoor break as they discuss potential Halloween themes.

5. The Seniors celebrate the beginning of their last year in high school as they dance on stage.

Story by Charlotte Dross, Editor-in-Chief