Class of 2022 Bonds At Allaso Ranch



On Aug. 21, the class of 2022 piled onto charter buses and began the 2-hour journey to their freshman retreat at Allaso Ranch. A rite of passage for the newly initiated upper-schoolers, the retreat allows for new and returning students alike to ease into their next chapter.

The retreat emphasized bonding the class through both outdoor and trust-building activities.

“The first night, we met all of the teachers and played fun games in the cafeteria” Riley Carter said. “We just hung out, danced and got to know each other better.”

The freshmen received their advisories prior to the retreat, only the beginning of their four years together. They were grouped together for the entirety of the retreat, canoeing and swimming during the day and chatting at night until lights out.

“Staying in a cabin with my new advisory helped us get closer” Katherine Swango said. “It was nice to leave the retreat with so many new memories to laugh about!”

The freshmen definitely had their share of new experiences, from conquering fears on the zipline to learning about new boarders’ unique cultures.

“Spending time with my grade away from school made me feel so much more confident about upper school” Landry Grover said. “I had so much fun!”

Story by Shea Duffy

Photos by Emily Bemenderfer