Catching Up At Fall Alumnae Dinner


On Oct. 20, Hockaday alumnae met at Liza Lee Academic Research Center lobby and Hicks meeting room. Refreshments, canapés and jazz music entertained the guests while they, with their former teachers and friends, chatted about their lives. This year’s Fall Alumnae Dinner celebrated the long-lasting friendships. After a three-course meal, Hockaday recognized Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Lisa Loeb ‘86 with the Ela Hockaday Distinguished Alumna Award, the highest honor given to Hockaday graduates who made a “transformative effect on their communities.” Loeb ‘86 showed gratitude towards Hockaday and the memories made there, and performed a couple of her songs, which received a standing ovation at the end.


  1. Catering services prepares the dessert, skillet apple pie with brown butter ice cream, before Loeb’s remarks.
  2. Class of 1983 seated on a same table for the dinner. They enjoyed wagyu short ribs and lobster salad with avocado mousse while socializing with their high school classmates.
  3. Former faculty Ed Long talks with alumnae.
  4. Eugene McDermott Head of School Karen Coleman, Lisa Loeb ‘86 and Andy Coleman poses for the camera. Loeb ‘86 received Ela Hockaday Distinguished Alumna Award.
  5. Loeb gives a speech after she was awarded. She entertained guests with jokes, mentioned her memories during years in Hockaday and thanked her teachers for supports in academics.
  6. Some members of Class of 1961, including Loeb’s mother Gail Loeb ’61 take a group picture.

Story and Photos by Eugene Seong