Playlist: Horrifying Halloween Hits


With October coming to a close and Halloween quickly approaching, you may feel like your current top hits are not appropriate for the spooky season. To give you a break from your on-repeat songs and to get you in the Halloween spirit, the Fourcast put together a Halloween playlist.

Halloween Classics: Dating back to the 1950s, Halloween songs have been a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Here are a few of these halloween classics:

  1. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  2. This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson
  3. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett

Halloween Night Out: Need to get pumped for trick-or-treating or a night out with friends? These three songs are sure to do the trick:

  1. Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell
  2. Tell Me It’s a Nightmare by Kim Petras
  3. The Ghosts of Beverly Drive by Death Cab for Cutie

For a Spooky Mood: Light up a candle, turn on the colored lights and tell your friends ghost stories for a spooky night in! These songs will get you just in the the right mood:

  1. O m e n by Kim Petras
  2. Theme from the Nightmare on Elm Street by the Royal Horror Films
  3. The Twilight Zone Theme by The Ventures

Now that you have your ultimate Halloween playlist, head on to Magazine Editor Eliana Goodman’s Halloween recipe video for some easy treats to maximize your spooky spirit. 

Story by Ashlye Dullye, Business Manager