The Fourcast’s Top Picks for Halloween Candy


//PICTURED ABOVE: Some fan favorites for different Halloween candies

As the month of October comes to a close, college application deadlines aren’t the only spooky things lurking around the corner. On the eve of Nov. 1, small ghosts and witches will dart from door-to-door, asking for any sweet treat that their neighbors will offer up. While this night may be a dream come true for candy connoisseurs, picking out the right candy to distribute to these eager trick-or-treaters can be quite the ordeal. However, don’t fret! Here is The Fourcast’s list of the official best Halloween candies that will make the chore of picking out candy that much easier.


Managing Editor Paige Halverson

Top Pick: Snickers

Why: “I love Snickers because it combines two of my favorite things—milk chocolate and caramel. The two together make a great combination that hardly anyone can resist.”


Copy Editor Ponette Kim

Top Pick: Butterfingers

Why: “Butterfingers are my favorite Halloween candy because I love peanut butter. The crispy peanut butter core gives the candy that much more flavor.”


News Editor Kate Woodhouse

Top Pick: Kit Kat

Why: Woodhouse enjoys Kit Kat because of the nice combination of the chocolate outside and crunchy wafer inside.


Arts & Life Editor Niamh McKinney

Top Pick: Sour Punch Straws

Why: “I love Sour Punch Straws because they are sour.”


Sports Editor Shea Duffy

Top Pick: Swedish Fish

Why: “I love Swedish because I love fruity candy and I like the shape of the fish.”


Castoff Editor Sahasra Chigurupati

Top Pick: Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Why: “Reese’s is my favorite candy because it is chocolate and peanut butter—two of my favorite things. Also, I can eat as many of the mini ones as I want and not feel guilty.”


Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Dross

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Why: I like Sour Patch Kids because I love sour candy, and all of the different flavors really add to the overall taste of the candy.


Story by Charlotte Dross, Editor-in-Chief

Photo provided by Flickr