Once Upon a Nightmare: Senior Halloween 2018


Each year at Hockaday, seniors spend hours decorating the hallways and arrive two hours earlier than normal in order to put on one of the most famous traditions: Senior Halloween. This year the seniors decorated to the theme of “Once Upon a Nightmare,” where they exploited the darker side of favorite childhood fairy tales to scare the underclassmen.

Senior hallway was Little Red Riding Hood, junior hallway was Goldilocks and the Three Bears, sophomore hallway was Snow White, and the freshman hallway was Cinderella themed. The leaders of hallway-decorating, seniors Tosca Langbert and Audrey Martin, created a spooky and twisted version of everyone’s favorite fairy tales.


  1. Melanie Gallegos wears a long turquoise gown and makeup-smeared mask to scare underclassmen in the freshman hallway.
  2. Lauren Graue dresses as a scary lumberjack in the Little Red Riding Hood hallway.
  3. Sawyer Bannister pretends to be a sleepy Little Red Riding Hood before she jumps up to scare the underclassmen.
  4. Reid Cohen holds her pickaxe to frighten underclassmen in the forest to grandma’s house.
  5. Tosca Langbert sits in her rocking chair and guards the entrance into the senior hallway.
  6. Shea Castleman dresses as a faceless Little Red Riding Hood to scare the underclassman.
  7. Meghna Jain wears a glowing mask and black morph suit to frighten underclassmen outside the Snow White hallway.

Story and Photos by Kate Woodhouse, News Editor