Christine Carter Encourages a Happier Hockaday

On Oct. 5, Dr. Christine Carter stepped on Hockaday campus and intrigued Hockaday students with her presentation about healthy ways to achieve happiness. Arriving at the assembly, students were pleasantly surprised and engaged by the unique presentation.

Dr. Carter began her assembly by asking the students to explain their perception of happiness. Answers varied from gratitude to sleep, a response that welcomed a particularly enthusiastic applause. To demonstrate her own view of happiness, Carter showed youtube videos on free hugs and scaring people, causing the majority of students to burst out in laughter.

Sophomore Lily Guevel found most enlightening the story about a study on a basketball team that gave each other fist bumps and pats on the back, which resulted in increased wins.

“Walking out of the assembly I saw many girls give each other five-hives and hugs,” said Guevel.

Sophomore Hannah Matheson believed the school could reap benefits from Carter’s advice.

“There was a lot more happiness walking out of that assembly then there was going into it,” she said.

The happiness assembly was a true success, in students’ opinions, with the funny jokes and youtube videos. Lucy Wilson, sophomore, hopes Dr. Cater comes back soon with more videos, jokes and ways to be happier.

“Hockaday definitely needs a happiness boost,” she said.

The author of two books, “The Other Side of Silence” and “Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents,” Carter also writes her own blog for Greater Good, a network that encourages people to contribute to a variety of causes at no personal cost.

Dr. Carter took up the study of happiness because she realized that her typically anxious and easily frustrated persona would not lend to being the best role model as a new mother. She began her studies by learning how and why certain children are happier than others.

After gaining a plethora of knowledge on happiness, she uses her skills to inspire happiness in children and help parents all over America find joy in parenting while raising happy, successful kids.

Throughout her study, Carter learned that “in order to be happy, that there are skills that we can practice ourselves, in our romantic relationships, and with our children that will help us all lead good, meaningful, happy lives.”

– Gretchen