These Brands Will Get Your Bling On For School


En Route

Attention, all earring lovers – New York City’s En Route Jewelry is redefining the concept of decorating your ears. En Route Jewelry has proven to us with its artistic design that minimalism is never the only elegance. Boldy clustering asymmetrical pearls on top of hammered gold plates, En Route Jewelry’s pieces are the perfect illustration of courageousness and charm. From white enamel to zirconia, these earrings capture the customers’ hearts with a brilliant combination of materials with uniqueness. En Route Jewelry presents us with little masterpieces enhanced by a heavy scent of artsiness, and its affordable price adds another extra treat on top of all the gorgeous, shining goods.


Frasier Sterling

Obsessed with necklaces or chokers? Frasier Sterling is here to bring your sweetest imagination into reality. Aiming to create cute and affordable fashion trends, the Los Angeles-based brand will never disappoint you with its innate dreamy and adorable styles. Frasier Sterling necklaces and chokers are designed to be worn daily with their petite chains and Mini-sized pendant, not to mention that they also come with the perks of individualizing your favorite style!

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? Something sweet ?

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Fashion should be accessible, and Pandora definitely agrees with that. Although this Denmark-originated brand is well-known for providing its customers with individualized and creative bracelets, Pandora also allows us to admire and own fashion trends at our fingertips. Pandora’s great variability of rings –most of which are stackables – is particularly inspirational for those who seek to expand their personal daily jewelry box, and the brand’s encouraging nature gives us even more freedom to build our own styles without being worried about overpriced unnecessity.



Mejuri elevates the standard of jewelry making. Abandoning all the extravagant adornments and designs, Mejuri’s products have turned minimalism and retro styles – two polarized fashions – into their best representation. Here, you always can find the ring you need: modest but gorgeous, Mejuri dedicates to the equilibrium of jewelry-making and tributes the true meaning of accessories. Needless to say, looking at Mejuri’s creations is an enjoyment itself. From the soft glimmering of the clusters of gold to the vivid highlights of the gemstones, every piece of Mejuri’s jewelry tells a sophisticated story waiting to be adopted by the explorers of beauty.

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Creamy + gold look with @siobhan.olivia ???

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If there’s an encyclopedia of accessories, Etsy will undoubtedly be the epilogue. Etsy has no styles, uniqueness or highlights because it is the ultimate prototype of almost every accessory trend. Etsy is the safe zone to let your expectation rampant, the canvas to paint your own imagination, and the fairy godmother to satisfy your wildest requirements of accessories. On top of its astonishing variety, Etsy is also known for the dedication of craftsmanship. Providing a platform for handmade jewelry, Etsy grants you not only the enjoyment of owning something beautiful, but also the satisfaction of supporting the work ethic and devotion of every craftman. The heart wants what it wants, but on Etsy, you will always find what your heart desires.

Story by Emily Wu, Views Editor