Seniors Kick off Last 100 Days of School with Sleepover


On Feb. 4, the class of 2019  gathered in the Hicks Meeting Room to continue the tradition of the senior sleepover. Although not all students chose to attend the event or spend the night, it served as a way for the class to further bond and reminisce on their time together in high school as May 18 looms on the horizon.

Students began arriving at the auditorium at 8:30 p.m., armed with snacks, pillows and blankets—necessities to ensure an entertaining evening. Although the night was loosely structured as to allow girls the liberty of choosing what they wanted to participate in, there were a few popular activities that many partook in—Just Dance being one of them. Mimicking the animated figures on the screen, students enjoyed dancing to the fast-paced songs.

Form IV President Sarah Landry worked to help organize the sleepover, and particularly enjoyed the Just Dance portion of the night.

“Dancing to ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna on Just Dance was definitely a highlight of the senior sleepover,” Landry said. “We had a great turnout and it was a huge success.”

The dancing didn’t cease there. For the rest of the night, Hicks was converted into a dance floor where students could bust out their moves. Meanwhile, the Lacerte Family Gymnasium served as a space for those who needed a break from the dancing; here, competitive games of foursquare, among other activities, took place.

Senior Maddie McBride enjoyed the sleepover as it enabled her to converse and bond with the class that she has been with for the past eight years.

“With our last 100 days approaching, I’m trying to create as many senior memories that I can before I graduate,” McBride said. “The senior sleepover was a great way to do this.”


  1. Breaking out their best moves, the class of 2019 dances the night away in the Hicks Meeting Room.
  2. Students gather around seniors Reid Cohen and Dawn Ford to watch as they dance to a song.
  3. In the Lacerte Family Gymnasium, a game of basketball was available for those who needed a break from the dancing.
  4. Eyes plastered on the screen in front of them, the class of 2019 attempted to follow the moves to the “Umbrella” version of Just Dance.

Story by Charlotte Dross, Editor-in-chief

Photos by Courtney Katz