Once Upon A Winfo 2019


Saturday, Feb. 23, Hockaday hosted the 2019 Winter Formal. Filled with casino tables, a photo booth, a facepaint station and LOTS of dancing, Once Upon a Winfo was an immense success. The Hall on Dragon Street was transformed into a Disney princess haven. Decorations consisted of a chandelier at the entrance, a magic mirror and pink lights that highlight the walls. DJ Poison Ivy created a lively atmosphere. A big shoutout and thanks to Sawyer Bannister and Dawn Grillo, the Winfo Chairs, for an amazing night!



  1. Junior Shea Duffy gets the crowd hyped up on the dance floor.
  2. Form II students Elena Dewar, Rosemary Sands and Zoe Cote take a break from dancing on their way to get refreshments.
  3. Juniors Mia Weathersby, Ines Guevara, and Sydney Daniels getting their groove on the dance floor.
  4. Landry Grover, freshman, shows off her poker skills at the casino tables.
  5. Junior Celese Gierhart hugs form II student Anna Connolly halfway through the dance.
  6. Colorful sweet treats sit at the candy table at the WinFo venue, the hall on dragon street.  (Photo by Dawn Grillo)
  7. Wishing Well, where the seniors wrote down their wishes for their remaining days in highschool, sits in the senior lounge. (Photo by Dawn Grillo)

Story by Kate Clark

Photos by Kate Clark and Dawn Grillo