ISAS 2019 Recap: Day 2


The second day of ISAS began with beautiful weather. With a full day to come, the campus bustled with even more energetic students moving around to fight the crowds. Unlike the first day, there were many performers busking with their guitar or flutes, offering a unique side of an arts festival. Unfortunately, due to pouring rain, the main event for the night, ISAS joint orchestra — which some of our musicians would perform — was canceled.


  1. Hockaday students showcased “Top Girls.” Actresses embodied many women from different time periods with their own challenges and hardships.
  2. Casady School presents “12 Angry Jurors” for their one act. Here, two jurors simulate their own theories of a murder sequence.
  3. Visual art exhibition held photography, 2D and 3d art. Other than professional critiques, aspiring artists could receive feedback from their peers via sticky notes.
  4. St. Mark’s School of Texas choir sings “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. They surprised the audience by putting on sunglasses and untying their ties while singing.
  5. For St. John’s one-act, students put on “The Revolutionists,” a play depicting a female playwright and other women rebelling during the French Revolution, attempting to achieve “egalite.”

Story and photos by Eugene Seong.