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The Seniors Prepare to Say Farewell


//PICTURED ABOVE: The Class of 2018 smiles after a fun Senior Splash Day. Senior Splash Day, a tradition for soon-to-be graduating seniors, unites the upper school body for a cool water gun shower under a hot sun.

The Class of 2019 is approaching its final day at Hockaday with their last day of class on May 9. On May 18, the seniors will walk across graduation terrace in front of friends and family garnished in elegant white gowns and beautiful hats embellished with colorful flowers. As students are making the most of their last few days of high school, Jessica Katzman, Sawyer Bannister, and Gabri Kim share plans for their last days.

Jessica Katzman

Jessica Katzman believes that it’s critical for her to spend her last days with the people she loves and to remember to keep in touch with her friends after she leaves. During her two years living in the boarding department, she has grown extremely close with the other boarders and the rest of the close-knit Hockaday community. Hockaday has become Katzman’s second family.

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“Enjoying my classes and peers, spending time with my friends and appreciating Dallas is really important to me right now because my family lives in Arizona,” Katzman said.

Between sports and regular senior activities, the next weeks are very busy for Katzman. She has SPC for lacrosse, the Marksman Ball, the State Lacrosse Tournament the weekend of May 10, and finally graduation.

After graduation, Katzman plans to visit Dallas frequently, splitting her breaks from school between Phoenix and Dallas to stay in touch with friends.

Sawyer Bannister

Sawyer Bannister is also prioritizing spending time with her classmates and making more memories with the class during her few remaining few days as a high schooler at Hockaday.

“Academically, I am trying to participate as much as I can in class discussions because I know next year, I will miss the small, tight-knit classes we have at Hockaday,” Bannister said.

Bannister is looking forward to the Hockaday senior traditions such as Splash Day on May 10 and the Senior Farewell on May 17. She also eagerly awaits graduation, where she will walk across graduation terrace in a huge hat with flowers and an elegant white dress.

“To be honest, graduation has always made me emotional. I have always imagined what it would be like to graduate, and 12 years later I cannot believe it is less than a month away,” Bannister said.

After graduation, Bannister hopes to keep in close touch with the girls in her grade. She is thankful for social media applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook because they make it easier to remain connected with people. She hopes that her grade GroupMe continues after graduation with frequent updates on students’ lives as they trek through college.

Gabri Kim

Gabri Kim is also trying to spend more time with friends and other girls in her grade that she does not usually spend time with.  

Kim has been looking forward to Senior Splash Day since Lower School, where she watched the seniors celebrating the last day of school with water guns, kiddie pools and decorated skirts.  

“I still can’t believe that my grade will be in charge of it all so soon,” Kim said.

After graduation, she also plans on keeping in touch with her classmates through social media.  

“I know I’m going to miss the community of Hockaday when I leave, and I think it will be nice to stay in touch with my classmates in the future,” Kim said.

The seniors are making the most of their last days at Hockaday, from having spontaneous dance parties in the senior commons to simply spending more time with their peers. During their time at Hockaday, these girls have formed strong bonds with their peers. Prioritizing staying in contact after graduation, they plan to make these friendships life long.

Story by Sasha Schwimmer

Photo by Julia Tribolet

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