Flower Child’s Recipe for Success


//PICTURED ABOVE: Flower Child’s attractive concept encourages happiness through healthy food.

It’s a beautiful spring day and the air is warm. Lunchtime is quickly approaching, so you text one of your friends asking if she wants to grab something to eat and of course, she does. She suggests Flower Child, the new healthy place down the street that claims to serve “positive vibes” along with various salads, wraps and bowls. You’re a bit hesitant. You decide to be open-minded, even when open-minded translates to a bowl filled with a thousand colors and vegetables you’ve never heard of. You sit down to eat and are pleasantly surprised! How can a kale salad taste that good? This place is literally magic.

Although Flower Child has not been in the DFW area for long, the restaurant is known by many for its aesthetic atmosphere and Instagram story worthy food.

The institution instantly became a hit after its first Dallas location opened on March 14, 2017, in Inwood Village. People of all ages rave about the restaurant, so what is it that makes the food so special? Kenny Barsalou, the Senior General Manager of the Dallas Market, believes the concept is unique because of its relaxed grab-and-go nature.

“Many people just want to stop and grab lunch easily and quickly,” Barsalou said, “Flower Child is very approachable to people of all ages because they can feel good about what is going in their bodies while still enjoying the laid-back and fast aspects.”

Another attractive feature of the restaurant is the general atmosphere. Flower Child is the perfect blend of a bright, upbeat aesthetic and vividly colorful plates of appealing health food. Freshman Hayden Parteli loves Flower Child, especially the mood the restaurant creates.

“I honestly just feel good being in such an upbeat environment,” Parteli said.

Flower Child stands out among its competitors because of their cooperation with eating habits, diets and allergies. Whether someone is gluten-free, vegan or just trying to eat cleaner, Flower Child has options for all. Freshman Payton Thurman often had trouble finding restaurants with various gluten-free options.

“The staff is very helpful, and I never feel singled out for being gluten-free. They are one of the few restaurants that can always accommodate my allergy while still making the food delicious,” Thurman said.

In December 2017, there were only eight Flower Child locations nationwide. Currently, a year and a half later, there are nineteen locations. This rapid brand growth shows the popularity of a concept like Flower Child’s.  

All three Dallas locations, Addison, Preston Royal and Inwood Village, are currently hiring.

“We are always looking for smiling faces who have a passion for the upbeat atmosphere and our message,” Barsalou said.

The restaurant aspires to share their “soul-satisfying mission to radiate positively delicious vibes” and welcomes everyone to join the Flower Child family.

Story and photo by Lea Whitley