Sweet Stuff!

If one walked by the community service office last Friday, there would be no mistaking that the candy drive was in full swing. Lasting from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, this school-wide event collected candy from all members of the Hockaday community— both students and faculty.

This year, Community Service Board Drives Head Avery announced that the board “collected more candy this year than ever before.”

The drive amassed 300 pounds of candy, all of which the board members piled on the floor of the community service office on Friday afternoon.

But where does the candy go? After hours of filling hundreds of small baggies of assorted candies, the board will hand-deliver the bags to the homeless at the T.R. Hoover Center in South Dallas, the Salvation Army, and other after-school programs. The candy will be delivered in the run-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Due to the hard-hit economy,  many families must give up luxuries such as candy that many Hockadaisies take for granted. So the board hopes to make the holidays that much more enjoyable for those in need.

“It’s one of my favorite drives,” Avery said. ”It is really rewarding.”

Thanks to all of the donations to the drive, Assistant Director of Community Servcie Sarah Satinsky “was really surprised at how much candy was collected.”

“We had no idea that so many people would bring in their extra candy,” she said.