Senior Swag 


//PICTURED ABOVE: Class of 2020, closer than any, has kicked off the year, decked out in their unique senior garb. By choosing a class logo, the seniors are able to flaunt their seniority not only throughout the halls but through all walks of life. From bucket hats to uniform polos and rain jackets to key chains, the senior class represents class pride every day.

Showing Senior Pride Everywhere

Elly O’Brien sports a senior sticker on the rear window of her car. In this way, seniors can identify their fellow proud Hockaday seniors on the roads. The logo is unique not only to Hockaday but specifically to the class of 2020.

“I stuck it on my car because, after 14 years of being here, I am proud to be a Hockaday senior,” O’Brien said.

Senior class president Menaka Naidu often reps her white senior rain jacket, in and out of school, but she said her favorite item is the simple key chain with the senior logo.

These are just some of the wide range of senior items featuring the class logo. Sydney Geist, creator of the logo, said she loves wearing her senior merchandise.

“I feel proud wearing my polo,” Geist said. “It’s my favorite one, and when I come home my mom asks me if I want my shirt washed so I can wear it again.”

The History of the Design

Creator, collaborator and tech wiz Geist used her artistic sense and classmates’ input to design the 2020 logo. She is not an amateur either, for she created the sophomore and junior form shirts as well as the ring day shirts.

“They were all coming up to me and giving me ideas,” Geist said. “I tried to take everyone’s input.”

With the help and input of her peers, Geist designed and submitted seven logo ideas that were put to a vote by the senior class. In the end, one of her designs won the popular vote among the seniors.

Finally, to create the design, Geist used an app called Gimp, allowing her to hand-draw on a Wacom Bamboo Tablet that transfers her writing into a digital format. From there she was able to smooth out her design and insert different color combinations.

“It was a lot of work,” Geist said, “but it’s definitely weird seeing everyone wearing it and seeing it in the halls. I feel special.”

Through the Seasons

Texas weather has been unpredictable, one day cold, the next humid and the next sunny. Luckily, senior merch is ready to tackle every season.

Not only are seniors loving the fashion statement of being a senior, but the items are actually helping them out. Larissa Batta and Raja Naidu, the logo moms, sent out a survey to determine exactly what the girls would want to buy. On ring day, the moms revealed a catalogue of all the merchandise available for purchase.

Ranging from rain jackets to sweatshirts, baseball caps and water bottles, these items are able to protect seniors from all of Texas’ crazy weather: rain, sun, cold or heat.

Throughout this crazy weather, the seniors have been able to wear all of their senior gear at school because it is all school uniform approved. Thanks to seniors’ fashion, the girls are ready for every season.

Story by Kate Clark