Popcorn Out: “Knives Out” puts the fun in ‘whodunit’ films

Popcorn Out: Knives Out puts the fun in whodunit films

Seated shoulder to shoulder, viewers gathered in Angelika Theater to watch the premiere of “Knives Out.” I was unbothered by the continual crunching of popcorn from the large crowd because the attention-grabbing movie kept me on the edge of my seat for its entirety.

“Knives Out” revolves around the relatives of the powerful patriarch Harlan Thrombey who attend his 85th birthday party at his lavish mansion only to find him dead the next morning. Renowned detective Benoit Blanc investigates suspects, revealing secrets and scandals within the Thrombey’s family history.

What sets this movie apart from many other whodunit films, however, is the complex plot. Most mysteries introduce and follow the suspects in a way that makes the outcome easy to guess, but “Knives Out” has a surprising and unpredictable storyline.

Along with the mysterious twists and turns of the investigation, the movie has some great elements of humor that are bound to make a crowd laugh.

I purchased my movie ticket half- heartedly after viewing only a portion of the movie trailer on my computer before I got too bored to finish. Typically, I am not one drawn to thrillers or action movies, which is precisely how “Knives Out” appeared in the trailer. In reality, the movie was a mix of thriller, murder mystery and comedy, which together formed an amalgamation of entertainment. There is even an element of political satire and social commentary beneath the surface.

The cast is spectacular, filled with well-liked actors such as Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis and Katherine Langford. These talented actors were cast perfectly and were very convincing in their roles, making me even more invested in the movie. I felt like I was truly a part of the mystery—like one of the investigators putting together the most difficult and confusing puzzle ever.

Although I usually prefer watching movies from the comfort of my own home, I am glad I ventured to see this movie on the big screen and suggest that others do so as well. My only criticism is that the film should have been edited to make the run-time under two hours.

Because of the lengthy duration of 130 minutes, I recommend you wear comfortable clothes and buy some snacks before sitting.

Don’t let someone spoil the mystery for you—cozy up and head to the cinema to witness the intense and suspenseful plot unravel before your own eyes. Pull out your popcorn and enjoy “Knives Out.”

Story by Sasha Schwimmer

Photo provided by IMDB