Bookworm Paradise: Shops offer intriguing alternatives


Calling all bookworms! Dallas is brimming with independent, cozy, cool and artsy spots to sit and read a book. The Fourcast has collected a library of the trendiest, best-curated book shops that you are bound to love. Live in Preston Hollow, have younger siblings or want to read titles specifically recommended by certified book lovers? Stop by Interabang Books! If you want to explore around Downtown to visit a snug library of poetry and other smaller titles that’ll tickle your spine, visit Deep Vellum Books. Prefer buying anime? titles and comic books? Frequent Keith’s Comic by Mockingbird Station. The Wild Detectives is the perfect cozy spot to sip a latte, do your homework and peruse today’s hit books and some old classics. Reading on a budget, want to shop second-hand or looking to earn some money on old books? Visit the original Half Price Books on Northwest Highway. With a reading nook and coffee shop inside, Half Price has all the ethereal and cozy vibes a bookworm needs!

1. Recommendations Galore
Interabang Books 5600 W Lovers Lane #142 Dallas, TX 75209
2. Comics and More
Keith’s Comics
5400 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75206
3. Low Prices, High Quality
Half Price Books 5803 E. Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75231
4. Spying a Good Book
Wild Detectives 314 W. Eighth St. Dallas, TX 75208
5. Finds for Voracious Readers
Deep Vellum Books 3000 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226