Every Trick for Acing Your Exams


I want to do well on my exams this year, but I don’t know where to start! How do I manage?

I think that you have nothing to worry about on your exams. If you have been paying attention during class throughout the year, you will be well-prepared for March 12. I often find that I do better on my exams than I do on tests in the same class, anyway. Nonetheless, if you are still worried, I have a few tips for you.

I always find it helpful to make a calendar for studying. It helps me to visualize what I need to accomplish and make sure I am not cramming for the tests the night before. Make sure you give yourself grace if you have a lot of tests during one of your weeks of preparation. Your first tests will better prepare you for the final exam.

I like to go over previous tests, especially for my math exam, to prepare myself. These problems are likely going to be similar to ones on the exam. Cover up the answers with another sheet of paper or some sticky notes and rework the problems, so you can understand the process of solving each problem and problems like it. You can check yourself by looking at your work from the test.

Your teachers are a great resource for you during this time. They want you to succeed, so go to them if you don’t understand a concept or can’t figure out a problem. They will be happy to help and may explain it in another way that makes it much easier to comprehend.

Use the Exam Review Day in whichever way works best for you. If you find you are most productive at school, pick out a spot in the library and stay there until it closes. If you work better at home or live far away, you may want to study at home. If you just need to ask a couple of questions, you can come to school for one or two hours that day. Try to take advantage of the free day that you have been given to study and use it in the most productive way possible.

I am sure you will do an amazing job on your exams, but good luck anyway. Happy studying!

Story by Kate Woodhouse

Photo by Eugene Seong