‘The Daily’ dose


The news never stops. Today in the media, we seem to be spinning through a revolving door of the same statistics and the same warnings. We have heard the same spiel about washing our hands since February. In my house at least, the TV’s have all been turned off, because there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in listening to the news anymore. Nothing seems to be changing, no new information seems to be shared.

However, alternative sources can offer refreshing perspectives on the pandemic situation. One of these alternatives is listening to a podcast, specifically the New York Times’ “The Daily.” This podcast series offers insight on different aspects of coronavirus and its effects. 

Hosted by Michael Barbaro, “The Daily” page consists of podcast episodes, each about 20-30 minutes long, touching on specific topics influenced by the coronavirus. These include stories of Sudanese immigrants escaping their war-torn home and coming to America during a time of crisis, or an interview with a Rhode Island native who has lived for the past three decades in near-total isolation. 

While the podcasts can focus on sobering events, the writers cleverly pose stories in informational ways meant to inspire listeners to be empowered by those overcoming immense struggles or to help those in their communities and beyond who are in need. For example, the episode published on April 15 followed the personal experience of one nurse working on “the frontlines” in Brooklyn Hospital. Specific and personal stories such as these open listeners’ eyes to the incredible work done by healthcare heroes. 

Episodes of “The Daily” are a stimulating way to absorb the news these days. These features let you focus on current events while broadening your world-view and even making listeners feel less alone. The New York Times staff does a wonderful job of intelligently and eloquently communicating important stories with a colorful variety of perspectives. On each episode’s page, you can find links to background readings, as well as photos the journalists working on each story have gathered, to support your listening. 

Instead of only being exposed to the small fragment of information most broadcast networks produce today, listeners can develop a well-rounded view on how this global crisis indeed has rippling effects worldwide, not just at home. Hearing about problems caused by the coronavirus on all different socio-economic, cultural, and national levels is a crucial eye-opening experience. 

I would give “The Daily” series a confident 5 stars out of 5, seeing as it has been my favorite way during quarantine to follow the news. I recommend listening, even if not to every episode. Just by scrolling through the series page, linked below, you are likely to find an episode that piques your interest. The New York Times always has been a publication I rely on, and I continue to be impressed with this informed and enthralling series. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Story by Katherine Grace Estess, Staff Writer

Photo provided by The New York Times