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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

The Fourcast

The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

The Fourcast

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Lone Star Royalty Q&A
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Senior Splash Day
Current Events
Senior Splash Day
Mary Bradley Sutherland, Photo and Graphic Editor • May 13, 2024

The Game of Hockaday


With the year coming to a close, the last few, busy weeks of the 2019-2020 school year have resembled the final stretch of the game of LIFE. Every tradition imaginable was moved around as Distance Learning pushed forward, with new, innovative ways to connect being improvised over Zoom. Form IV students have drawn their cards and headed down the path toward college, although unable to end their second semester together. Despite the numerous setbacks the past few months have brought, Hockadaisies are quickly moving their game pieces toward the final square!

Monday, May 4 – Grade update

Upper School Students received an update from their teachers about what their current standings and grades are for second semester. 

Thursday, May 7 – Last Day of Classes for Seniors! Congratulations!

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The 121 members of the Class of 2020 celebrated their last high school class on Thursday, May 7. They had a final class over Zoom, sharing their favorite memories. 

Friday, May 8 – Form IV (Mini Splash Day and Return to your Roots)

Seniors were surprised with mini splash day kits to have a splash day from home! Seniors who were in lower school at Hockaday also had their Return to your Roots celebrations via Zoom complete with posters and lower schoolers in attendance too! 

Saturday, May 9 – Senior Heritage Receptions for Latin + Hispanic  and Asian + Pacific Islander

The Senior Heritage Receptions at Hockaday celebrate senior’s self-identified rich cultural legacies and accomplishments. The beloved celebrations are usually attended by families and their guests of all ages, including students, faculty, staff and alumnae. There are three receptions, including the Third Annual Latin and Hispanic Heritage Reception on Saturday, May 9 (2-3p.m.), the Second Annual Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Reception on Saturday, May 9 (8-9:30p.m.), and the Fifteenth Annual Black and African Heritage Reception on Sunday, May 10. (3-4pm)

Sunday, May 10 – Senior Heritage Receptions for Black + African Heritage

May 11-May 22 – AP Exams

This year, the College Board has moved all AP Tests online. The different tests are spaced out over two weeks, and each test is taken at the same time even for students in separate time zones other than Central Standard Time, where Hockaday and Dallas are. The tests are spaced out from Monday, May 11 – Friday, May 15 and Monday, May 18 – Friday, May 22. 

Monday, May 11 – Narrative Feedback from Teachers

On May 11, teachers released comments (separate from any grade reporting!) to conclude the year to Upper School students. 

Tuesday, May 12 – Sudie Duncan Awards 4 pm

On May 12, the Upper School gathered via Zoom to honor the students given the Sudie Duncan Citizenship Award. The award is presented to students, who in the opinion of both faculty and their peers, “most clearly embody during the current school year the qualities of loyalty to Hockaday and the ideals for which it stands, as evidenced by their citizenship and dedicated service to the school and its community.”

Wednesday, May 13 – Senior Awards and Cum Laude 4 pm

On May 13, the Upper School held a webinar to announce the winners of the Senior Awards and the newly inducted members of the Cum Laude Society. Twenty four Form IV students were chosen to be a part of the society, the highest academic achievement at the school.

Thursday, May 14 – Founders Day 4 pm

The Founders Day award, given in honor of Miss Ela Hockaday, is presented to the seniors that exemplify the highest ideals of the school. On May 14, the Upper School met via Zoom to hear the announcement of this year’s winners: Maddie Hum, Karen Lin, Shalini Kishore, and Gina Miele.

Friday, May 15 – Athletics Banquet 6 pm

The annual Athletics Banquet, which honors all varsity and junior varsity athletes from the past year, was held on May 15 via Zoom.

Friday, May 15 – Form IV + Dress Pickup (8-12am, 1-4pm) 

On Friday, May 15, seniors will have a chance to return to campus to pick up any items they need from their lockers, as well as receive their dresses or bring anything else back to campus.

Saturday, May 16 – Class of 2020 Celebration!

On May 16, the initial date for Commencement, the Class of 2020 gathered for a non-traditional celebration of the grade’s inspiring achievements. Commencement is a huge celebration every year, so Ms. Culbertson, Head of Upper School, commented on the change. “Logistics aside, it was emotional. We all know how special the event is. I so badly wanted the Class of 2020 to have their May 16th as planned.” Even though that couldn’t happen, they still had a parking lot drive-through event where every senior was honored with a sign of their picture in order of graduation year! 

Monday, May 18 – Virtual Ring Day 4 pm

On May 18, the class of 2021 gathered via Zoom for a virtual Ring Day ceremony with remarks from Mrs. Culbertson, Menaka Naidu (Student Council President), Karen Lin (Class of 2020 Form IV President), and the upcoming Class of 2021 Form IV President. The annual Ring Day ceremony marks the transition into a Hockadaisy’s final year of Upper School.

Tuesday, May 19 – Underclassmen Awards and Final Assembly 4 pm

On May 19, Forms I-III gathered for the final time for the 2019-2020 school year via Zoom for the presentation of underclassmen awards and a final send-off before summer.

Thursday, May 28 – Form I and Form II Locker Cleanout (8am-12pm) 

On Thursday, May 28, there are a few time slots alloted for Forms I-III to return to campus to get any miscellaneous items from their lockers or bring back any necessary items after Distance Learning ends for summer break. 

Thursday, May 28 – Form III Pickup / Locker Cleanout (1-4pm) 

Friday, May 29 – All US Pickup + Cleanout (8am-12pm)

If unable to come in on the other days.

Saturday, August 1 – Class of 2020 Graduation

On Aug. 1, the class of 2020 will reunite for their postponed graduation ceremony. Hockaday alumna and screenwriter Kristen Tucker ‘99 will give the commencement speech.

Story by Maddie Stout, Arts & Life Editor, and Libby Hill, Photos and Graphics Editor

Photos provided by The Hockaday School, Ines Guevera and Evan Johnston


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