Pastry lover’s dream


photo by Lea Whitley

Lea Whitley, Social Media and Video Editor

Boulangerie by Village Baking Company, a bake shop specializing in breads, croissants, rolls and coffee, brings French flair to Dallas on busy Greenville Ave. Open since 2015, Boulangerie prides itself on dedication and attention to detail while making perfect loaves and pastries.

On a bright Saturday morning, the streets of downtown buzzed with joggers, dog walkers and friends socializing, looking for a place to get warm baked goods and an espresso to sip on. Boulangerie was the place to find these essentials, evidenced by the line pouring out the door and onto the patio.

I waited longingly, trying to catch glimpses of the treats through the window before it was my turn to order. Even with my mask on, I sensed the comforting smell of rising bread and sugary glaze as I walked in the door.

When I reached the counter, my eyes widened at the selection of croissants, breads, baguettes, tarts and cakes. It was overwhelming, but an employee gladly walked me through the plethora of options.

First, I decided to indulge in two French-style pastries that looked to die for, the chocolate croissant
and éclair. They were classic and delicious, tasting like they were flown in from Paris that very morning.

I ordered a couple of my sister’s and my favorites, the apple pie and lemon tart. I have had many slices of apple pie in my life, but this piece definitely rivaled my favorites. The apple slices were lined up perfectly, covered in caramel glaze and wrapped in the perfect crust. It was probably my favorite treat we ordered.

Although I am not typically a lemon dessert fan, I was hooked after one bite of my sister’s lemon tart. The filling was tangy and bright, and the fresh fruit on top pulled it together seamlessly.

To end my French pastry adventure I grabbed two sandwiches, caprese and jambon beurre, to bring home for later in the afternoon. Both were made with French baguettes, the caprese filled with mozzarella, tomato, basil and pesto, and the jambon beurre with ham, provolone and European butter.

Both were delicious. As I ate them in my dining room, I was able to close my eyes and imagine I was sitting outside a little bistro in France.

I snacked on the leftover pastries throughout the day and ended up eating the red velvet cake I had brought home to my dad for dinner (no regrets). If you are looking for the perfect way to satisfy your sweet craving and love French food, stop by Boulangerie. Unless you are hopping a plane to Paris, you won’t find baked goods like this anywhere else.