New approach to welcoming families


Four H-Club team leaders hold meeting. photo by Campbell Harris.

Campbell Harris, Assistant Opinions Editor

The job of H-Club members has changed as the admissions process has adapted to COVID-19 restrictions. The student ambassadors who represent the school previously led tours, helped out at admission events, hosted visiting students and assisted with various off- campus events.

This year, however, H-Club implemented new channels to promote the school. Instead of visiting families at admissions events and hosting students, H-Club members will meet with applicants on Zoom before the applicant interviews, answer prospective parent questions via email and create videos for Hockaday’s social media and website.

“While the regular tasks of H-Club members have shifted this year, the focus on supporting prospective families who want to know and experience the mission of Hockaday is the same,” Associate Director of Admissions Molly Averitt said.

Along with H-Club jobs changing, the admissions process is changing, too. Applicant assessments and regular admissions events were moved to Zoom. While the process looks different at each grade level, the admissions staff relies on extensive testing networks, strong peer school relationships and many technical avenues to assist with these transitions.

H-Club implemented the #WhyILoveHockaday campaign on Instagram and Facebook and the student ambassadors respond to parent questions via the Ask an Ambassador button on the admissions page of the Hockaday website.

However, the main channel for showing off Hockaday and H-Club’s main focus this year is the H-Club vlogs. The vlogs are short videos made by H-Club members that highlight different areas of the campus.

“The vlogs are exciting because they provide H-Club with an experience that is much more collaborative than we’ve had in past years,” junior and H-Club leader Lucy Jane Roberts said.

The H-Club Vlogs are videos made entirely by students to give prospective families a look into the lives of Hockaday students. The viewers will get to see different parts of the campus and how students use them in their everyday lives. They also will incorporate personal reflections different students have regarding each section of campus.

“The parents will be able to see Hockaday from a lot of different perspectives and meet several different Hockadaisies with varyinginterests,” Roberts said. “This will help to maintain the unique experience that is an in-person tour, while also providing stories and opinions from a large variety of students.”

Additionally, an updated virtual tour was added to the admissions page on the Hockaday website. It provides a 360 degree view of places on campus including classrooms, the theater, athletic fields and the dining hall.

“During this unprecedented time, the Office of Admissions goal is to ensure each family feels encouraged and supported during the admission application process,” Tiffany Nelson, director of admissions and enrollment management, said.

Although COVID-19 restrictions have changed H-Club tasks and admissions, these new H-Club initiatives are designed to keep prospective families connected to the school.

“My hope is that each H-Club member is able to contribute her own unique talents as we create new activities,” Averitt said.

“I’m looking forward to the many ways H-Club students have already and will continue to bring forth innovative ideas in connecting with applicants and their families virtually.”