Trotting to Foxtrot Market


photo by Kelsey Chen.

Kelsey Chen, Jade Editor

Don’t be fooled by the label “convenience store.” While Foxtrot Market does sell ice cream, snacks and baguettes, the store also features coffee, pastries, superfood smoothies and meals.

For to-go, I grabbed the Roasted Turkey No. 1, one of their signature pre- made sandwiches. Initially, I didn’t have high hopes because I’m not a fan of cold sandwiches, but since this was their most popular, I had to try it.

And WOW! Foxtrot’s Roasted Turkey No. 1 is my new favorite sandwich.

The sandwich was the perfect balance between novel and traditional. It brought new flavor profiles with the goat cheese and pea shoots, but also stayed true to the classic turkey sandwich with tomato, avocado and of course, turkey.

What made this sandwich stellar was the turmeric aioli. Its earthy flavor elevated the turkey, bringing bold flavors to an otherwise lackluster stack of meat.

When I got home, I heated the sandwich in the oven, and the sourdough was perfectly crispy. The crunchiness paired well with the creaminess of the avocado and goat cheese, creating a new layer of textures. I’m also a big fan of avocado, so I loved how Foxtrot was very generous with it. Every bite had a bit of that smoothness, making the Roasted Turkey No. 1 a great choice for avocado-lovers.

The to-go service was also amazing; it was super fast even though I didn’t order in advance. Although it was during the lunch rush on a Friday, I was able to order and checkout in five minutes.

So if you’re on the go, I would definitely recommend grabbing the pre-made meals from Foxtrot.

The Full Fox sandwich, on the other hand, fell flat in comparison to the Roasted Turkey, which was surprising considering it was a fresh-made sandwich. The bacon was a bit too salty for me, and coupled with the cheddar, it overpowered the sandwich. Since the sandwich was a fresh-made meal, it took about 20 minutes before it came out, so I would not recommend getting this sandwich if you’re in a rush.

The Full Fox is also a heavier meal, especially with the hash brown, so I would only get this if you’re feeling extra hungry. However, I was a big fan of the zhoug, a spicy herb sauce that paired well with the baked eggs and helped balance the flavor of the bacon. Additionally, I liked how the chewy texture of the kale complemented the fluffy brioche.

Foxtrot’s Snider Plaza location is also a great place to study. The natural light coming in the 10-foot tall windows, accompanied by the hanging plants, created a relaxed ambiance. There were outlets at almost every table, and the noise level was perfect; there was just enough chatter so you didn’t feel alone, but it wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t get any work done.

Foxtrot Market is so much more than an upscale convenience store. Beyond the mini aisles near the checkout line, Foxtrot is a study spot, a cafe and most of all, a great restaurant.