Not leaving old clothes in the closet


Viviana Armendariz packages items for a lucky buyer. photo by Viviana Armendariz.

Lea Whitley, Social Media and Video Editor

Junior Abigail Willingham digs through the bottom of her dresser drawers, pulling out old T-shirts, running shorts, sweaters and jeans. Laying the items neatly on her bed, she takes photos of them and posts the photos to a variety of online selling apps. Then she waits for the notifications to roll in.

Online selling apps like Poshmark, Depop and Facebook Marketplace provide spaces for anyone to sell new or gently used items to buyers around the world. They advertise as user-friendly, but is making money on them truly that easy?

Riley Carter sells workout clothes, jewelry, shoes and jeans on the app Poshmark.

“I sell to make quick money and get rid of clothes I don’t use as much to buy new ones,” Carter said. “It really helps me save money.”

Carter gets the most business selling Lululemon brand workout clothes, and she notes that selling

items from less popular brands can become complicated since they often do not show up on a buyers’ feed.

“Sometimes the market is very unreliable and there aren’t buyers at the time,” Carter said. “It can be really inconsistent but normally the clothes all end up selling, it can just take a little while.”

Sophomore Viviana Armendariz began selling clothes on Depop after hearing about her friends’ success on the app. Armendariz was especially attracted by the idea of making extra money on the side to feel less guilty about buying new clothes.

“You can sell anything really. There is always someone on the app looking for what you’re selling,” Armendariz said. “I think usually shirts sell better, but I’ve never sold two of the same item.”

Armendariz sends packages through USPS and said her only issue has been getting to the post office during the school week for the fastest shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.

Overall, Armendariz recommends Depop despite a few cons.

“Paypal and Depop take their own portion of my sales which is frustrating, but it’s a really easy buying and selling process that can ship to anyone,” Armendariz said. “The convenience factor definitely makes it worth it.”

Willingham sells her old clothes using Facebook Marketplace, where you can buy or sell new and used items locally or from businesses.

“I really like using Facebook Marketplace to sell my old Ivivva workout clothes and other clothes I’ve grown out of,” Willingham said. “I feel like people don’t know about it and definitely should!”

Willingham specifically likes using Facebook because the app groups sellers with buyers looking for the specific items they sell. Willingham notes that this makes clothes easier to sell quickly.

“I was definitely overwhelmed when I started selling clothes online,” Willingham said. “Once you find the right app for what you are selling though, it becomes a super easy way to make money without too much work.”