Faithful fans


A socially distanced crowd attends a Dallas Cowboys game on Oct. 11. photo by Hayden Parteli.

Sasha Schwimmer, News Editor

Sports fans are not letting the pandemic impede any further on their lifestyle. Fans are motivated to attend sporting events despite the pandemic to show support to their team.

Senior and varsity cheerleader Kate Wills attended the Red River Showdown, the Oklahoma—Texas football rivalry game played annually at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park.

“Football games are an important part of American life,” Wills said. “We can’t let COVID control our life.”

Wills says the TV cannot capture the atmosphere of a sports game.

“Nothing can compare to the feeling when your team makes an amazing play and you, along with the other fans in the stadium, jump up and chant together,” Wills said. “It gives me a personal connection to the game, the players, and all the other fans.

Junior Hayden Parteli cheered on the Dallas Cowboys in their game against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium.

“Cheering in person allows people to connect with other fans,” Partelli said. “It is important to have fans in the stadium because it encourages the players. When Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott got hurt at the game, the whole crowd started cheering ‘we love Dak’ to show our support for him during the difficult time.”

Going to games, however, involves a list of precautionary measures. One measure is limiting the stadium to about 25 percent capacity. Fans are spread throughout the stadium, from the first row to the nosebleed seats.

“I felt completely comfortable in the stadium because the closesteople to me were five rows away,” Wills said, “The stadium was basically empty, and there was hand sanitizer everywhere.”

At Hockaday, spectators are not allowed at sports events due to COVID-19. The games are limited to players and coaches.

The administration is taking these precautions for the safety of the Hockaday community, but some players disagree with this decision.

“I want fans, specifically the parents, to be allowed to watch our games because they are our biggest supporters and without them there it feels like a part of the team is missing,” senior and varsity volleyball captain Alex Stalcup said.

Hockaday students who cheer for St. Mark’s are allowed to attend games, but as of now, games are limited to the coaches, the football team and the cheer squad.

“I wish Hockaday and St. Mark’s would consider what professional sports stadiums and other schools are doing to allow fans at the games,” Wills said.

“For example, some schools are allowing socially distanced student sections for seniors only. It is really disappointing because we have spent a lot of time outside of school working on our routine, only for no one — not even parents — to be able to see it.”