Ice Out the Competition: a Recap of Spirit Week for Fall Sorts

Elisa Carroll, Assistant Web Editor

During the last week of fall sports, the Athletic Board continued the tradition of spirit week for Upper School to celebrate the end of the season. Even without SPC this season, Upper School came together to support the fall athletes with the theme “Ice Out the Competition.” 

Since it usually starts to get cold outside this time of the year, and athletes are transitioning from fall to winter sports, we thought it would be fun to do an icy winter theme,” senior Isabel Malakoff, athletic board member, said.

Though the weather was warmer than expected for the week, Upper School students came to school decked out in their wintry-themed costumes. The biggest difference between this fall’s Spirit Week and past ones was the absence of a spirit rally.

“Spirit rallies are the hallmark of Spirit Week but, due to COVID, spirit rallies are impossible for the foreseeable future,” senior Alyssa Taylor, Athletic Board chair, said. “So, we had to find a way to have a fun spirit week without them.”

Even with the lack of a school-wide rally and the inability of fans to attend games, the board encouraged people to watch the live-streams and cheer on the teams from home.

Sydney Ghorayeb, a junior on the Varsity Field Hockey team, said she appreciated the effort that went into Spirit Week and the unity it inspired across Upper School.

“I loved that the Athletic Board gave us a fun and safe way to celebrate the fall sports season and cheer on our fellow athletes,” Ghorayeb said. “Dressing in theme was the highlight of my week.”