Upper School cancels exam week

Teachers replace exams with cumulative assessments

Juliana Blazek, Staff Writer

In a year filled with uncertainty, COVID-19 and distance learning, administrators decided to cancel exam week, allowing each teacher to determine how students would fulfill the exam grade. 

The week before spring break is typically exam week, with numerous exams crammed into two days full of studying and testing. Instead of exams this year, classes will have cumulative assignments, and teachers will decide the timing and expectations of the assignment. 

“I’m personally really relieved that exams are cancelled because they stress me out a lot, and I think there’s a big risk factor for hurting your grade,” sophomore Brie Johnson said.  

Each academic department and teacher are using different methods to test cumulative knowledge without exam week.

“What many teachers are doing, such as my math teacher, is having a test over everything we have learned, but keeping it much shorter and worth much less than an exam,” junior Kathryn Sands said. “This, in my opinion, is perfect because we get the review we need but without the unnecessary stress.” 

Most AP classes have canceled their March exams, allowing students to look head to AP tests in May and June. 

“I’m glad exams are canceled because it gives us more time to get through all the curriculum we need for the AP exams,” senior Molly Clark said. “Exams don’t cover all the AP curriculums since we do them halfway through the year, and by the end of the year you’re having to review everything again for AP exams anyway.” 

However, math teacher Rachel Grabow is still conducting exams for her students in AP classes. 

It is still undetermined whether exam week will return in the future or if teachers and departments will have their choice on cumulative assignments. 

“With COVID, the snowstorm, AP exam uncertainty and so many other problems causing stress, cancelling exam week was just what we needed,” Sands said.