20 minutes or 20 hours

Advisory is back to 20 minutes between first and second period, but some miss the extended time spent together last year


photo provided by Olivia Garcia

Last May, the Goldstein advisory tried on their white blazers for the first time, marking the start of their senior year.

by Olivia Garcia, Business Manager

As we started this school year, we were reminded of what life was like before COVID-19. Two-way staircases, lunch in the cafeteria, study hall wherever we want and, of course, a 20-minute advisory break right after first period.

Waking up and attending that first class of the day can be pretty hard after a long night of homework and studying. Last year, it was even worse, because we had to go right from first period to second, with no break in between.

A 20-minute advisory between first and second period provides a good time to take a breath. In advisory, I can chat with friends and eat some snacks. This short break with my peers puts me in a better mood for my second period. Without the quick break last year, I felt drained in my second period class.

The greater issue, however, was the amount of time we were in advisory. I

enjoyed having the extra time to bond with my advisees, but I missed being able to see my other friends. I felt confined in a space that was supposed to be relaxing.

Teachers tell students that when working in our room we should work at our desk and only our desk. If we start working on our bed, the space which our brain thinks of as rest and sleep gets mixed with work and stress. I think this is similar to our time in advisory last year. Since we were in advisory for so long, it felt less like a break and more like a study hall. I appreciate the extra time to work, but I think having this extra work time in advisory was like working in your bed.

Even though our advisory is shorter now, we did not lose this extra time to work. We still have conference to start on our homework and our long lunch period provides even more time to work. We just get to do this work in the library or other study areas, which I think is more beneficial.

Though a longer advisory meant more time with my advisees, I prefer advisory the way it is this year. Having less time with my advisees than last year just makes me appreciate them more.