Met Gala Outfit Review 2021

Reviewing the best- and worst- outfits of this year’s event

Hanna Asmerom, Assistant News Editor

The fashion mecca, the Met Gala, is a designers’ dreamland in the form of a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The 2021 theme was “American Independence” and, per usual, the looks were jaw-dropping.


Kendall Jenner

One of the most stunning looks at the event was Kendall Jenner’s Audrey Hepburn inspired dress. Channeling the film and fashion icon, she strutted down the carpet in a sheer Givenchy gown, embellished with jewels. I loved this look, I think it fit perfectly with the theme of the night and she looked gorgeous.



Addison rae

Next up is Addison Rae’s appearance on the carpet. She wore a corset red dress paired with a blonde bob, courtesy of vintage Tom Ford for Gucci. The tik tok star took inspiration from Brittany Spears’ 2002 Grammys dress; however, there are speculations that she copied, or even wore, Kourtney Kardashian’s 2019 Christmas Eve dress. I personally think that this look was pretty average and more of a red carpet dress, not a met gala dress. Its relation to the theme is questionable, and I think she could have met the occasion in a more fitting way.



Kim kardashian

So, I don’t know what to say about this look. Kim arrived on the carpet wearing a head-to-toe black Balenciaga dress. Ummmm, what is going on? There are a few theories behind the inspiration for the dress; one is that she glamourized the quintessential American black t-shirt and made it into a gown, another says that she is showing that she can fully cover up and still get hate that she normally gets for being ‘overly sexual’. She reposted this on her instagram story, “For someone who is always criticized for being overly sexual, Kim showed that she can cover every square inch of her skin and still find a way to be criticized and ridiculed, THAT is American culture.” Taking all that into account, I think this look was incredible in the way that it sparked a conversation and pushed the boundaries of what the theme “American Independence” means; that being said, it was a bit lack-luster and strange.



Lili reinhart

Wow. Lili wore a floral pink dress designed by Christan Siriano. The classic pink corset dress was adorned with the 50 state flowers and the short front paired with the long sheer train was a nice contrast. The dress is stunning; however, she could have showed up with something more dramatic; a little poof to the dress wouldn’t hurt.