Unite for Ukraine

Why we should care about Russia’s invasion and how we can help

Staff Stance

In the heart of eastern Europe, the country of Ukraine is being bombarded by Russian forces day and night. People are left to die, families are torn apart and children are orphaned in the streets of many of Ukraine’s biggest cities. This war has been a talking point in global news since February – but why is it so important?

The invasion of Ukraine is the biggest conflict on European soil since World War II – millions of people are suffering. We must show our support for Ukraine to unite against violence and tyranny.

Although the Russo-Ukrainian War cannot be compared to World War II, innocent people are suffering at the hands of a tyrant. As of April 26, 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy estimates around 2700 civilians and 3000 soldiers have perished in the conflict. However, this number is small compared to the number of dead Russian soldiers – nearly 14,000 Russian troops have died in the conflict. Although they may be on opposite sides, the loss of human life is never beneficial.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is justified by the “Nazi influence” on the Ukrainian government. Putin has repeatedly made claims about the Ukrainian government, calling them Nazi sympathizers and using it as reasoning for his violent invasion.

However, with a quick Internet search, this information can be proven false. President Zelenskyy is a Jewish man with zero ties to any neo-Nazi movements. Furthermore, it was not President Zelenskyy who bombed a Holocaust memorial – it was Putin.

It may seem like there is not much we can do to help the citizens of Ukraine as civilians. However, anything we have to offer will be beneficial and help at least a few people in Ukraine. Donating to organizations like the Ukrainian Red Cross and the World Central Kitchen will feed and provide aid to displaced Ukrainians. Save the Children’s fundraiser goes directly towards helping orphaned and missing Ukrainian children. These are the small steps we have to take to make a big change.

We need to unite for Ukraine to show that as a planet, we stand up against violence and tyranny. We need to show that we are not okay with our governments doing nothing. We need to communicate to the people of Ukraine that they are not alone in this war. The world is watching, and Russia’s actions in Ukraine will not go without consequences.