Testing the trails

Running routes ranked by safety, shade, surface

By Melody Hu, Arts & Life Editor

As the weather gets warmer and people flock outside, here are the best

(and worst) trails to try based on safety, surface and shade.

1. White Rock Lake Trail

White Rock Lake Trail 8300 East Lawther Drive Dallas, TX, 75218 Flaunting a pleasant and shaded view of the lake, White Rock Lake offers an easily accessible run location complete with a dog park, adjacent hills, and many safety trail signs.


2. Katy Trail

3505 Maple Avenue Dallas, TX 75219 With police supervision, quick access to restaurants, lots of trees and both concrete and track surfaces, the Katy Trail offers comfort and safety.


3. Glencoe Park Trail

3700 Glencoe Street Street Dallas, TX 75206 Extending along the DART station, Glencoe Park Trail challenges runners with its hard hills and induces tears with its sketchy pathways and disorienting turns.


3. Northhaven Trail

7940 Northaven Road Dallas, TX 75229
Lacking any and all shade, the Northaven Trail is in a safe, public location but is equipped with rough surfaces and uneven footing. (Caroline Petrikas)