Meera’s natural gift


Elle Myers, Staff Writer, Assistant Opinion Editor

It is no wonder this artist’s favorite store is Michael’s. The aisles filled with supplies and wonder are just like her imagination: endless.

Senior Meera Thamaran showed that imagination in her recent art exhibit, “Color Study,” at the Coppell Arts Center. Organized and brought together by the Coppell Creatives, Coppell Arts Center is a local gallery that exhibits regional artists. It celebrates artists coming together to showcase their artistic abilities.

Thamaran began taking art classes at the age of 5. She started at Falak Arts, a Coppell studio. There, she learned different styles of art, drawing and painting skills. She gravitated toward artistic expression through the use of color and different mediums. She said she enjoyed the happiness her art brought to people around her.

Thamaran said she draws influence from everywhere: the details of a stick on the ground and even concepts she studies in debate, yet most of her inspiration comes from nature. The untainted aspect of nature offers her the freedom to oversaturate the color and convey her vision uniquely. In addition, she draws inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and most notably, Canadian artist Alexandra Levasseur. She said she hopes to mirror Lavasseur’s concepts in her art.

“Lavasseur’s art is surreal – very psychedelic, almost – but focuses on abstract elements while combining a nature of humanity,” Thamaran said.

After feeling pride through her work, Thamaran decided to compete with others.

“Judges were looking for a very distinct type of art that is very portrait-heavy, and realism focused,” Thamaran said.

She found herself painting the most random things to fit the theme. However, she said this did not teach her about the art styles she was trying to develop, making her stray away from art competitions.

She now wants to focus on subjects that inspire her to create and develop an art style she can call her own. Thamaran hopes to continue making art, engage in local art showcasings and most importantly, do it on her own. After “Color Study,” she knows to pursue “art the way it was meant for me.”