Goal-driven Season


Jane Clark, Print Editor-in-Chief

Basketball for Ashna Tambe is centered around her goals. With the intention of playing in college for four years and contributing to the Hockaday team getting first place in North Zone, she has been working all summer to prepare. 

“I played with my AAU team, Team Lex 16 u 3ssb adidas circuit this summer,” Tambe said. “We played in six tournaments four in July during the live period where college coaches can come watch us in person.” 

With coaches watching, the pressure on Tambe and her teammates to perform at their best is especially intense.

Ending the summer with impressive results, Tambe’s team ended up winning the Super 64 National Championship in the top 16u division. 

“In my last tournament I broke my club scoring record with 32 points and 7 threes,” Tambe said.

Over the past year,  Tambe said she has improved on her shot range as well as her goal percentage and has gotten physically stronger and faster. 

Apart from her club team, Tambe participates in Hockaday varsity basketball. 

“Hockaday basketball is super fun and something I really look forward to because I get to be on the court every day with school friends and represent the school,” Tambe said. “Last season I averaged 25.5 points, 3.1 assists, 5.5 rebounds, and 3.3 steals every game.” 

This year in the Hockaday season she has set higher goals for herself and her team. 

“My goal is to score 1,000 points this season,” Tambe said. 

Tambe has continued to improve during high school on the Hockaday court and off with her club team, but with the new season approaching, it is exciting to see what she will do.